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Summer Law Clerk

CUB's Law Clerkship, a paid, full-time summer position held between May and August, was created in 2009 to connect legal students with the expertise and experience of working in energy and telecom law and utility regulation. CUB Law Clerks are supervised by our General Counsel, and work closely with CUB's Staff Attorneys, Economist, and Utility Analyst. Our Law Clerks are involved in every step of CUB's work before the Oregon Public Utility Commission. CUB offers its Law Clerks a variety of experiences, including, but not limited to:

  • Regular attendance at meetings with Oregon's investor owned utilities
  • Attendance at hearings before the Oregon State Legislature (when in session)
  • Occasional attendance at BPA hearings, meetings
  • Frequent utility law research
  • Frequent drafting of data requests and motions
  • Occasional drafting of proposed rule or legislative changes
  • Occasional Bonneville Power Administration related research
  • Occasional legislative history research

  • CUB's Law Clerks will be introduced to energy and telecom utility employees in upper levels of management, as well as to state representatives, senators, employees of the Public Utility Commission, Oregon Public Utility Commissioners, employees of other non-profits, private and public practice energy law attorneys, and more. At CUB, hands-on experience is a promise. In an environment that can change rapidly, our law clerks are involved in the day-in day-out events of the Citizens' Utility Board. Potential clerks should have a clear interest in the fields of energy and telecom law and be willing to dig right in. While interested candidates are welcome to submit an application, cover letter, resume, writing samples, and transcript at any time, formal applications for the Law Clerk position must be received by February 15th of each year to be considered for the summer opening. Please contact CUB's Staff Attorney, Sommer Templet at 503-227-1984 x 23, or sommer[at]oregoncub[dot]org.

    Legal Extern (Offered in Fall and Winter/Spring)

    For students considering a course accredited experience with CUB, we offer externships with our organization on a case-by-case basis. Externships are an ideal choice for an individual with a particular interest in one or more of the organization's program areas. Examples include an economics student interested in renewable energy markets; a law student interested in garnering experience in energy law; or an urban planning student interested in electric vehicle development and deployment. Given that each externship must be tailored to the student's academic study in conjunction with their academic institution and CUB, interested students should request an informational interview to discuss the suitability of doing an externship with CUB. Please contact CUB's Staff Attorney, Sommer Templet at 503-227-1984 x 23, or sommer[at]oregoncub[dot]org.