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CUB Springs Forward

CUB Springs Forward

As spring starts to reappear here in Oregon, CUB is on the move! We’re excited to be involved in a number of programs and conferences over the next couple of months, and hope to see some of you folks there.

This week, CUB Executive Director Bob Jenks is attending and presenting at the Western Clean Energy Advocates conference in San Francisco. Much like his presentation at PIELC, Bob will talk about the need to transition away from coal-fired power generation in the west and what CUB and our colleagues are doing to support that work.

CUB is proud to be a partner with the Portland side of the Future Energy conference, an annual event devoted to connecting energy policy with energy practice. We’ll be in attendance and are looking forward to hearing the many panelists and keynotes talk about the energy sector.

We’re also partnering with a number of Oregon organizations to support the Living Future program in May. Living Future bring folks from all over the nation together to talk about green building and working towards our sustainable future. It’s an exciting local program with a national perspective.

CUB has recently joined the national organization Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, a non-profit that brings together many partners in the energy industry together to conduct research and collaborate on the Smart Grid. As you may recall, last year CUB and the University of Oregon Law School held our first annual policy conference on the Smart Grid. The developing Smart Grid is an essential topic for the energy industry, and CUB is staying involved and up-to-date on policies and issues as they impact Oregon’s customers.

We’re also conducting more CUB Connects workshops in April. The first workshops were a lot of fun, and it was wonderful to see folks come out and take control over their telecommunications knowledge. We hope to do more programs like this in the future, and you’re invited! We’ll be at the Woodstock Library in Portland on April 11th, and the St. Johns Library on April 15th. For more information, click here or contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Later this year, CUB’s Bob Jenks will be attending the mid-year NASUCA meeting. The National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates—that’s why we call it NASUCA!—is an organization that brings together folks who do the advocacy work CUB does, both in state governments and in non-profits. NASUCA members discuss the key issues we’re all facing and how we’re responding to them. Our long-time membership in NASUCA has been a valuable way to exchange ideas and lessons learned as we all work towards a sustainable, affordable energy future.

Finally, CUB is excited to announce that we’re hiring an Economic Analyst. This new position will help us develop critical research and analysis related to our Transition from Coal project and other related issues. For more information, please click here. This position will be open to submissions until May 6th, 2012.

As you can see, we’re keeping busy here as your local consumer advocate. We’ll have even more great news soon, especially about our top notch Electric Vehicles project and our celebration of Bob Jenks’ 20 years with CUB. We hope to see you throughout the year as we reach out into the community, continue to learn more about energy and the environment, and celebrate so many successful years of advocacy and policy development here at CUB.

To keep up to date on all these events and more, follow our Facebook page and sign up for our e-newsletter. And consider becoming a CUB member—this year marks two decades of service from CUB’s Bob Jenks, and by becoming a member you contribute directly to the work Bob and CUB do as an advocate for Oregon citizens just like you.

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