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About Us

The Citizens’ Utility Board of Oregon (CUB) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1984.  CUB’s mission is to represent the interests of Oregon’s residential utility customers before administrative, judicial and legislative bodies, such as the Oregon Public Utility Commission and the Oregon Legislature.

The Citizens’ Utility Board was founded by Oregon voters in 1984, the Citizens’ Utility Board of Oregon, along with its sister organization, the CUB Policy Center, has been a leader in consumer advocacy within the energy industry. In its three decades of service, CUB has, among many other things, saved Oregon ratepayers over $6 billion. Among our achievements, CUB led the effort to create the Energy Trust of Oregon in 2002 which has helped Oregon to rank third (behind California and Massachusetts) in energy efficiency investment and was critical to Oregon’s passage of its 25% Renewable Energy Standard. CUB led the fight to obtain a commitment from PGE to close the 1970’s-era Boardman coal power plant by 2020 and replace it with alternative resources that will emit far fewer greenhouse gases in a manner that saves customers $200 million. This commitment was the first of its kind in the coutry. CUB has also worked to ensure that Oregon takes the lead on the national stage in battling climate change.

CUB is different. In most states, utility consumers are represented by State Government. While this setup brings resources to the table, it also means that consumer advocates tend to define their roles quite narrowly, representing consumers’ pocketbooks and not necessarily their values or long-term environmental interests.

Original 1984 CUB Ballot
CUB is unique. CUB is an independent non-profit whose role is representing consumer values, not simply dollar amounts. We also make consumer values heard by working on:

  • Affordable utility service
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Low-income consumer protection
  • Environmental stewardship and responsibility
  • Renewable resources use and promotion
  • Smart Grid and other emerging technologies
  • Electric vehicle integration and regulation

CUB works at the intersection of policy and utility regulation on behalf of all residential consumers of the investor-owned utilities in Oregon. We work every day to prevent utility rates from rising too high for consumers to bear, and we work for renewable resources and meaningful climate change policies. You can track our efforts through our blog. Please consider becoming a CUB Member so that you too can support our work.

The Citizens’ Utility Board of Oregon offers its Form 990 and annual audits by request.